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Here you can find exquisite services that can help you level up your web presence and boost your brand.

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Get your Social Media presence organised by a professional.

At ELINDA we know how much energy you dedicate at handcrafting your products or how much time you dedicate to your clients if you are a service provider. Get your social media organised by us and dedicate your time to giving your best self to your brand.

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Get Product Photography that pops

ELINDA cooperates with a number of young and fabulous talents in Athens to deliver you unique 360 web presence imagery.

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Eshop for you brand and get your self a place to sell your products.

A E-commerce package is for those who love to create and sell the special items of their brand online. ELINDA offers e-commerce web sites that can help you showcase your products and sell them to your clients.

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Brochure Services Web Site to show the world your talent.

A Services Web Presence package is for those who would like to show the world their services they provide. Get into the map and show the world your unique talents.

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Get yourself Social Media templates for your brand

If you don’t feel ready yet to hand over your social media presence to a professional, ELINDA can create templates custom made for your brand so you can edit them and upload them at your own pace.

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Google Adwords and Meta Advertising

Give a boost to your brand or services by creating an advertising plan with ELINDA. Watch your brand transform and get people to learn about you, your services or your products.

We love helping our clients thrive online

At ELINDA we love so much supporting your ideas and we are here to back you up for a strong and consistent web presence.



Services &  E-commerce Website made with WordPress



Facebook and Instagram content creation and scheduling.



Product and places photography for web use and campaigns.



Google Adwords and Social Media advertising.

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